Create Your Own Information Empire

Everyone has experience and knowledge that is valuable to others.  Within you is an infomation empire that you can share with others and also create an income from. 

Browse through the website to find out more then book in for a strategy session with Robyn and Dr Dion to find out how you can create your own personalised information empire!  

Increase Income!

Many people find themselves struggling in the current financial climate, but EVERYONE has knowledge and expertise to share.

There are over 450 ways you can use your information.  By re-purposing your material into training products, white papers, podcasts, and more – you can create multiple streams of income. This model will show you how to create your own Information Empire, position yourself as an information expert and create multiple streams of income.

Listen to the Introduction to Your Information Empire

by Robyn Henderson / Dr Dion Klein


This has the most potential for you to build your profile and share your wisdom to the world.


People want information in the format that works for them. Training is a strong online option.


Through strategic alliances you can create joint products and events for win-win outcomes.


Turn your researching skills and your passion about a specific subject into additional income.

Template Creation

You can create templates or masters of how you complete a variety of processes.


This module will give you 10+ ideas for maximising your distribution channels.


Speaking publicly, online and offline, provides limitless opportunities for you, 

Product Development

This module covers the various options to create multiple formats of your information. 

Derivative Products

You can create derivative products when you use one resource for multiple purposes.

Media Work

This module includes having your own radio show, podcast, TV/YouTube show and more.

Fee for Service

Any skill you have mastered and learned, can be charged out as a fee for service.

Website Resource

Create websites that become a directory  of resources for a particular subject.

Re-Invent Yourself, Create Potential Income Streams

Is it time for you to consider creating multiple income streams? Are you ready to turn your decades of knowledge and experience into income? Whether it is creating income in addition to your ‘day job’, or starting a completely new business, the information empire model has everything you need to know.  The Information Empire Model is great for not-for-profit organisations!

Achieve your goals

Your Information Empire is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goal/s personally and professionally.  Leverage your knowledge and expertise and create income to save for a deposit to purchase a house, a car, start a business, take a holiday or grow your ability as an entrepreneur.  

Share Your Expertise

Does it bug you when you read blogs, books and articles and know that you actually know more about that subject matter, than what that person has written? Isn’t it time to share your knowledge with the local, national, and international community? Don’t die wondering that you can’t become an information expert. You’ve got this.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Information Empire.  If you have any questions that are not listed, please contact us. 


What is an Information Expert?

An Information Expert is a person who has worked in an industry or profession where they have gained a huge amount of knowledge about a specific area, that they are very passionate about. They may in fact have considerable knowledge in more than one area. In addition. this knowledge may be a special interest that is not their core job, but is one of their hobbies or interests.

How much knowledge do I have to have before I can consider that I am an Information Expert?

Knowledge is hard to measure in terms of weeks, months or years of effort. Basically, once you have mastered knowledge that is of value to people who don’t have that knowledge or expertise, and reach out to people who are prepared to pay for that information and make it easy for people to purchase it from you, you will move closer to  becoming an Information Expert.

What if I only want to build my Information Empire in one area and only want to purchase one module?

That is absolutely fine. There is no pressure to purchase more than one module. There is a financial advantage in purchasing multiple modules. However, you are under no obligation to purchase the entire twelve modules.

What is the best strategy to have a global information empire?

Your best strategy to create your global information empire model is to start small, streamline your information, decide on how you are going to market your resource online or as a hard copy resource and put your effort into that. Once you perfect your first resource, then progress to your second resource. By working this way, you will not end up with many half-finished products.    

Do I have to purchase all the modules before I can start building an Information Empire?

No. you do not have to purchase all the modules of the Information Empire before you can start building your Information Empire. Once you purchase your first module, you can start to build your own Information Empire.

Is it possible to book a Zoom session with Dion and/or Robyn to discuss my information empire project?

Yes, most definitely. On the website you will find a button where you can express an interest in a session, the length of that session, the cost involved with booking that session as well as a place where you can discuss what you wish to discuss with Dion and/or Robyn. These sessions would normally be conducted by phone or Zoom or when possible face to face (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)

I have a few areas of expertise. What is the best way to prioritise which one to focus on first?

When deciding which area of expertise to work on first, it is a good idea to do your research on which topic is being searched the most online. The more specific you are about your topic area, the more you will attract people who are interested in your area of expertise.

How long should it take me to build my information empire?

That generally varies from person to person. Some people fit their information empire building around their full-time job, others work on this full time. Our recommendation is to work one module at a time. Pick the option that most appeals to you and focus on completing that one option, complete it and then move on to the next option.

It is useful to complete an action plan, once you have listened to your modules and set short- and long-term action steps.

Ready to get started?