Media Work

Every platform needs a plethora of hours of programming every year. Multiply that by the number of streaming platforms, cable and free-to-air stations available plus having your own YouTube channel. When you think of the possibilities with sharing your knowledge and wisdom locally, nationally and internationally, the options are truly limitless (over 50+ ideas).

Hear how to:

* Position yourself as a media expert in more than one niche.

* Create your own pilot series and use as your showreel.

* Become a quick-thinking comedian/humorous media presenter.

Some of the areas covered in Media Work include:

  • Being a regular presenter on a TV show
  • Host your own show
  • Being a regular presenter on a radio show or podcast
  • Create your own podcast
  • Do voice-overs
  • Professional narration
  • And much more!

Coming soon!


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